Updated Game Lists

For the past several weeks I have wanted to post some more content here, as I have gotten quite a few interesting things lying around that I would like to share with everyone; however, real life situations have gotten in the way, namely work and training for some races this summer.  And thus I haven’t had time to post anything new.

I did have time to update  two of the game lists I had released previously though.  With the unlicensed game list, I added a few more fighters to the list, and I also removed some duplicate entries, which had originally been included to mark variants.  With the NES games ported to the Famicom by pirates list, I added a few more entries, as I was recently able to confirm a few more game releases.  Both updated lists can be viewed (and printed) below.

Unlicensed Famicom Game List (v. 1.3)

US-Exclusive NES Games Brought to Famicom via Pirate Companies (v. 1.2)

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