The Unofficial Waixing Science and Technology Game Catalog

Two weeks ago I became temporarily under house-arrest, thanks to the sudden realization of a dream.  For the longest time I had wanted to own a pet cat, and I had been in talks with my girlfriend about this.  A few weeks back, we visited an adoption agency on a whim and when we had gone in, I could see in my girlfriend’s eyes that we weren’t leaving without one of the kitties.  And we did.

Now being responsible for a two month old kitten, I have been trying to juggle my time between work and tending for him (Richard).  In some ways, this has put a cramp in my style – instead of hopping on a random train during the weekend and seeing where I end up, in some town far, far away, I need to stay close to home, so that I can feed Richard his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack.  On the other hand, being close to the house forces me to think of ways to entertain myself locally, and that is where the Waixing guide comes into play.

As a few of my collector / gamer buddies know, I have been talking about writing a guide for the Waixing games since the summer.  Since Richard arrived and I was trapped at home, I have been slaving away at designing a catalog of sorts, which attempts to showcase all of their games.  It is a checklist, but I also have hopes of turning it into a guide that will be very useful for gamers too, which have a mild interest in Waixing’s products.

To download my guide, please click the link below:

The Unofficial Waixing Science and Technology Game Catalog

I hope someone will find this guide useful, and if you have any comments or information to add, please let me know.  Thanks!

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