The Ultimate Famicom Software Guide v. 2.0

Hi guys, finally I’m back  🙂  My life had been filled with darkness for the past several months, but finally the sun has come out again.  I am quite excited to post some new material on FC Game Land in the next few weeks, as I have a lot of obscure and interesting material to post!

Today though, I would like to present everyone with a small update, namely The Ultimate Famicom Software Guide v. 2.0.  This release has been in the making for quite some time.  After the launch of my first release, I noticed some large mistakes in the guide, such as somehow missing Final Fantasy II.  Furthermore, I added another 50+ additions to the list, including some educational carts, unlicensed releases, NES exclusives, etc.

I am expecting some new cartridges in the mail in the near future, so hopefully a third version of the guide will be released within the next month.  In addition, I have a very special reworking of the guide planned for the future, but that won’t be finished for awhile.  Until then, enjoy v. 2.0  🙂